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Always do this

1. Use a dry cloth to wipe excess water & water-based cleaning solutions off your hardwood floor. Keep in mind that water and water-based solutions are the biggest enemies of hardwood floors. Quickly wipe off any excess water on the floor to prevent the wood from swelling up.

2. Regularly sweep your wood floor using a soft bristle broom.

3. Do regularly vacuum to thoroughly clean the floor. vacuuming also helps get rid of dust and dirt between floor boards.

4. Wait at least 2 week after having your floors refinished, then place area rugs and runners in high traffic areas and places that may be prone to spilling, such as hallways, around tables, beds, desks, sinks etc.

5. Use drapes on your windows to minimize your hardwood floors exposure to sunlight.

6. Take extra care whenever you move furniture, when cleaning your hardwood floors,' this is when hardwood floors usually get scratched. Lift when possible.

7.What About spaces between board?

Wood floors are sensitive to climate. Seasonal spacing is a common occurrence. Wood floors expand in humid conditions and contract when the air becomes dry, usually due to heating. Using a humidifier or dehumidifier in conjunction with a heating/cooling system is recommended to keep a constant 30% to 50% humidity level. This will minimize shrinkage and cracking

Don't ever do this

1. Never wear hi heels on a hardwood floor. High heels concentrate a person's weight on a small area (estimate: 125 lb. person=approximately 2,000 lbs. per inch when taking a normal step). This kind of force can dent and pit any wood floor. We recommend a "no high heel" policy.

2. Never allow water or water-based solutions to sit on your hardwood floor; other wise, your hardwood floor may expand & cup over time.

3.Never wax your hardwood floors, other wise when the time comes you will have to have them refinished rather than just screened and recoated. This is more expensive and takes longer.

4. Don't clean the floor with a vacuum that has beater bars. This type of vacuum can damage your floors.

5. Don't put plants in your hardwood floors that don't have a catch basin to catch excess water.

6. Don't use cleaning solutions that can potentially damage your floor's finish, e.g. murphy oil soap. Make sure that you use cleaning solutions that work with the type of hardwood floor finish your have. If you are not sure ask your floor contractor.

7. Don't ever drag furniture or anything else on a hardwood floor, this will damage the finish and wood.