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Deck and porch sanding and restoration

Is your deck floor uneven? Is it difficult to walk on with bare feet because of splinters, warped or cupped boards? Is the paint or stain chipping, cracking, or pealing? Perhaps it looks like the pictures below of our before and after work. While power washing is a good way to clean a deck it can't get rid of these problems. That's where we come in. Our heavy duty state of the art commercial sanding machines are perfect for this operation. We start the sanding process with a #12 grit paper (if necessary) and work our way up to a smooth finish. This procedure involves multiple sanding's with different grits sandpaper until the desired smoothness is achieved. After the final sanding the deck is vacuumed and cleaned to prepare it for stain or sealer or whatever the customer desires. If your deck or porch needs some TLC, call us today at 201 819-7571 for a free consultation. Email us at: